ACH/ Check21 Processing

Check 21 and ACH Processing
As part of our services to our clients, offer numerous different methods of payment processing and electronic payment services. Retailers that sign up with can benefit from its ACH and Check 21 processing services and benefit from the efficiency and security that these payment methods provide.

ACH Processing
Also known as automatic clearing house processing, this payment method allows the smooth electronic transfer of funds and the data that is related to those funds. However, this service is limited to consumer checks, which is why many retailers choose to use both ACH and Check 21 processing services.

Why use ACH Processing?
These types of transfers provide a cost-effective way of transferring money and it is more efficient than having to process paper checks. With ACH Processing, an image of the check will be forwarded to the bank so there is no need for the retailer to wait while a paper check is processed.

The Benefits of ACH Processing
ACH Processing is a fast, efficient way to receive payments; it provides a secure payment system as well.

Check 21
In the early 2000s a new system called Check 21 was introduced to make the processing of payments made by check more efficient. By using the Check 21 system, a retailer can save themselves valuable time as they do not have to physically cash check payments.

Why Use Check 21 Processing?
Check 21 is important to retailers as it enables the faster processing of check payments. Under the Check 21 system, checks are processed electronically, enabling a copy of both sides of the check to be recorded. The Check 21 system can be used to accept consumer checks, money orders, cashier, business and traveller checks, and a whole host of other different types of check payments.

The Benefits of the Check 21 System
There are many benefits that can be gained from using the Check 21 system. With this faster, more efficient way of receiving check payments, retailers are less likely to fall victim to fraud, payments can be processed much faster, there are fewer returned checks and the system offers a greater financial security for the retailer.

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