BitCoin Processing

ESafe Payments offer Bitcoin as a payment processing option, helping to give E-commerce sellers an edge over their competitors. Whatever your needs are, we can implement a Bitcoin solution for your business model.

Bitcoins have fast become the most popular virtual currency, and hundreds of thousands of online retailers now accept Bitcoins so that they can offer their customers a greater diversity of payment options, and benefit from the growing demand of consumers that want an efficient, secure method of payment.

While accepting Bitcoins offers a greater convenience to the buyer, they also have many benefits for a retailer

Why use our Bitcoin processing service?
Accepting Bitcoins offers numerous benefits for the retailer:
> Quicker payments – one of the main benefits of accepting Bitcoins is the speed of payment. There is no need to wait for the payment to clear as it will be done immediately, meaning the retailer can access the funds as soon as they need them.
> Increased Sales – many of the online retailers accepting Bitcoins have experienced a growth in sales as offering customers a wide range of payment options will encourage more buyers. In addition, Bitcoins are ideal as a payment option for consumers that don’t want to give out their credit card information.
> Low Costs – retailers are faced with many different costs associated with their business, and some find that the fees for accepting certain types of payments are prohibitive, however, the fees associated with Bitcoins are low, which allow a retailer to keep more of their money.
> No Chargebacks – every retailer dreads a chargeback, however, this will not happen with a Bitcoin payment, so once the money has been received, the retailer can be sure that it is theirs to keep.
> No Fraud – all businesses face the risk of fraud, but by accepting Bitcoin payments, the retailer can be assured that there is no chance of the transaction being fraudulent.
> International Sales – transaction fees can make international retailing prohibitive for some on-line retailers, however, with the Bitcoin there are no such fees.

Further Information
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