Fraud and Risk Management

eSafe Payments work hard to ensure that its clients are protected from fraud when they accept credit card payments online .

Acquiring banks are at major financial risk due to merchants performance and their transactions in multiple ways. A significant percentage of the loss associated with acquiring is due to organized fraud, business failure, chargebacks and inadequate monitoring of merchant accounts.

eSafe Payments takes care of both acquirer and its merchants when it comes to risk mitigation by using multiple up to date fraud and risk management tools. Our frisk mitigation specialist makes sure they help its merchants in every way possible in advising the ways to avoid fraud and managing the risk which can otherwise result in merchants jeopardizing their accounts.

Few points to take adhere to while managing risks are to block transactions from countries that are notorious for high levels of fraud. Set velocity controls on the gateway to screen out potential fraud. Validate each credit card transaction against a standard criteria including place of origin of the order, size of the order, referring URL and other factors customizable within the gateway software.

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