Merchant Services

Are you a high risk merchant?
Some services are considered risky in the payment processing arena. They are turned down by several credit card processors. Gambling sites, airline services, software services, auction sites are few business those are deemed high risk class. If you are a providing some service that can’t procure a standard ecommerce account, then you are deemed a high risk merchant. Only international or offshore payment processing options could help your case.

Road blocks for high risks merchants:
Not being able to acquire standard ecommerce merchant account, doesn’t allow credit card processing. Lack of essential payment instruments can deter your progress with payment and sales. Trustability of your service is expected to take a blow. High turnover of your sales would only make your experience more uncomfortable. Processing can’t be smooth with the kind of limitations you typically have.

How to make it hassle-free:
When you can’t escape the high risk merchant tag, acquiring a high merchant processing account is your final option. A third party agency could provide you with high risk merchant account. Nevertheless, your business should not be having serious issues while getting high risk merchant account.

What benefits should you expect from high risk merchant services?

- Credibility:
Connecting yourself with reputed merchant service, adds credibility to your services too. Making your payments more trustworthy goes a long way in increasing sales.

- One stop solution:
One stop service to process your debit cards, checks, credit cards, gift cards and currency conversion would come in handy to provide high levels of comfort.

- Speedy processing:

Getting pre-approval and registration in 2-3 days would be ideal to kick-start your online payment processing with pace. Processing is completed within 2 weeks for most part.

- Smoother operations:
Switching between a payment processors and payment options frequently can hurt on time. Mutually beneficial one stop payment services brings necessary relief.

- Customer support:
High risk payment processing services have an in-house support at every need of hour. A 24x7x65 service is a real prospect.

- Privacy and security:
PCI compliant solutions help achieve highest level of security with payments. Privacy provided by these services could not be paralleled.

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